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FyrPlass - The Original Portable Fireplace

FyrPlass - The Original Portable Fireplace

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Set the mood with the FyrPlass.

With humble beginnings in Norway, the FyrPlass is the perfect piece to usher in a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Whether you are outside sitting around the patio table, or inside enjoying family dinner, the FyrPlass allows you to set the mood wherever you are. So long as you are in a well ventilated area, FyrPlass goes where you go.

Each FyrPlass is made with simple modern architecture in mind, inspired by Scandinavian culture. When you light your own FyrPlass, you will feel the mood switch, as if you were sitting around the campfire somewhere in the Norwegian mountain ranges.


Made of a custom blend of concrete, this fireplace is made to withstand the heat of a fire for much longer than the concrete you drive on.

Shipping & Returns

We offer a no-questions-asked guarantee on our product. If anything should happen anytime in the process of delivery, let us know and we will take care of it.
The same goes for returns. If you don't love it, email us and we will work out what to do next. (and of course, get you refunded.)

All orders are shipped in the most durable box on the market and wrapped with care in bubblewrap.


Height: 3 inches

Length: 19.5 inches

Width: 4 inches

Care Instructions

Taking care of concrete is pretty simple, as it is pretty durable.

Common sense goes a long way, don't drop it, as it will most likely do more damage to the floor than the firepit.

As for care and how to use the firepit, please see our page on how to use the FyrPlass!

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From our hands to yours

Each of our firepits is made from durable heat-resistant concrete. Lasts forever, and won't crack like the driveway. If for any reason it does, we will replace it no questions asked.

The favorite use of this portable little beauty is to place it in a community area for marshmallow roasting. If that isn't your thing, then it makes for a warm companion in a reading nook.

  • Scandinavian design

    Inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design, this fireplace can serve as a perfect centerpiece to an outdoor patio set, or an accent piece to your dining arrangement.

  • Handcrafted using century old technique

    Unlike your driveway, this concrete mix is mixed by hand, portioned carefully to ensure the perfect mix, and shaped using century-old pre-casting techniques. Imagine walking into a Norwegian Hytte (small mountain home) and a small fire is burning in the center of the space.