Burning Isopropyl Alcohol Indoors - No Soot?

Yes you read that right, inside. Fjellmark Fyrplass will not product carbon monoxide or put soot in your home. While this is true, we want to clarify some things. While some fuels out there product carbon monoxide as a bi-product of burning, isopropyl alcohol simply does not. It is a 100% combustable fuel. However, any fuel in the entire world, even isopropyl alcohol, will begin to produce soot and carbon monoxide given that the space is too small, and poorly ventilated. This is why you will see it on every page, ad, and post we make, that you should only burn Fjellmark Fyrplass in a well ventilated room.


Sadly, given that every home is different, there is no single standard that we can use to determine what "well ventilated" means.  So to be very clear with what we mean, we reccomend that you burn Fjellmark Fyrplass in a room that is 500 square foot or larger, that has easy access to outside air, or is well ventilated.


If for any reason you find soot, please stop the use of the Fjellmark Fyrplass. After thorough product testing, we have had less than a 1% chance of soot appearing, and it's only because we test crazy. (in a tiny room with no windows, light, or ventilation) to prove a point. This business is more of a lifestyle to us, so please, be safe.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support@fjellmark.com. We are eager to hear your feedback and concerns! We hope that you will bring this special light into your home, and start some meaningful conversations.