The best moments happen around the fire

There is something special about having a warm fire in the center of your room. Fueled from isopropyl alcohol that you can get from any local drug store, you can burn the Fjellmark Firepit in any well-ventilated room inside.

Key Details

Why Fjellmark?

Premium concrete mix

Our mix is suited for the high temperature of the fire. If anything does happen to your firepit, let us know and we replace it.

Burn inside and outside.

Due to how isopropyl alcohol burns, you can burn it inside a well-ventilated room. We recommend a space of 600 sq feet+, a window open, and good air flow.

Durable and safe

It takes quite a bit to knock over a 20 lb firepit. It also cools quickly and heats slowly, allowing for easy storage and use.

Easy to use

In 3 steps, you have a controlled fire in your home! Confirm that the reservoir is empty, pour alcohol into the reservoir, light with an extended neck lighter, and enjoy!

  • Safe for cooking

    Nothing is more comforting than a fire and a freshly made s'more. Due to the alcohol being 100% combustible, the only thing you need to worry about is what kind of s'more you are going to make.

    Download our recipe book. 
  • Hand Crafted

    Each firepit is made with our unique mix of concrete made to withstand the fire. Created with a century-old pre-casting technique, each firepit is unique to you.

    Meet the maker 
  • Guaranteed.

    Each of our firepits is part of our ironclad guarantee. If anything happens to your portable firepit, we will replace it.

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